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  • We are so thankful for all of the JP&O staff and our prosthetists, Les and Joe.

    - Ronald


  • Everyone is so pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. They really treat you like family.

    - Gerald

    Mountain Home

  • The staff, technicians and office personnel have been so good to me. They have gone out of their way to help me. They let me know they would do everything possible to help me get a prosthetic I could wear. I have been in so much pain with my old prosthetic leg and even after the first visit, I cried because I felt like I had found people who cared and were knowledgeable about fitting me. I am very thankful for the staff here at JP&O.

    - Tanya


  • This is the only place I have used for years and I wouldn't change it for the world. The practitioner I use has been wonderful to me for many years.

    - Valerie


  • My son and I always receive respect and courtesy when at JP&O. He gets the best care possible to accommodate his special needs. I could not have found a better company.

    - Kelly

    Kennett, MO

  • I have been very pleased with the steps taken to help fit my need.

    - Jonathan


  • I always receive excellent care from walk-in to walk-out.

    - Janice


  • Matt is great! My son is severely autistic and has not had any problems seeing Matt!!

    - Maria


  • We've been very fortunate to have been working with Ladon for several years now and she is so great. Absolutely the best!

    - Derek


  • Very satisfied with overall visits an the follow up visits to make the brace work better for me. Also the staff addressed me by my name an showed a real concern for my problem an treated me like i was their only patient.

    - Donny


  • I have worked with Tom and Joe Jessen since my wreck back in 2009. I am an above knee amputee. These two men are the most considerate and compassionate people I have ever met. They even try and liven your situation with an occasional joke or two. The JP&O team is not just a bunch of employees, they are a family. I have moved from Salem Arkansas to St Louis and still drove all the way back to jonesboro for appointments because I refuse to go elsewhere. This place is an example of a perfect medical staff.

    Nicole Hyrowski

    Jonesboro, Arkansas

  • I have managed to live a normal life style with knee joint stability and minimal pain with the assistance of your off loader brace you constructed for me several years ago. I have avoided the knife for quite a while because of your brace and local staff. It is amazing there has been no skin reaction even during scuba trips, duck hunting muck, wearing it continually many hours a day or sweaty-dirty activity. There also has been an absence of structural problems with the brace and only required new straps periodically. The service that I have had in the Batesville office from Ms. Breckenridge and staff has been excellent, going beyond the call of duty. She has been a good teacher and mentor even to an old crusty physician. I have and will continue to refer to JP&O for your products but more importantly your knowledgeable staff. Thanks again.

    J.R. Baker, MD

    Batesville, AR

  • You will never find a more caring group of people who are always here to help in any way .




As a full-service orthotic and prosthetic laboratory, JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab has staffed our team with Certified Orthotic and Prosthetic practitioners to help create and fit the orthotic and prosthetic products our patients need.

Orthotic Services

Creating and Fitting of Orthotics and Bracing

Orthotic Services

What is an orthotic?

An orthotic (or orthosis) is commonly called bracing or a brace. Common orthotics include those used to support feet, ankles, wrists, hips and necks. An orthotic is applied to the affected body part to strengthen, straighten or to restrict improper movement.

JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab specializes in the following orthotic services:

SpinoSpino Med IV- The Spino Med IV is a lightweight brace designed toprovide support for the wearer’s lower back. Strong but flexible and with wide straps, The Spino Med IV is both comfortable and easy to wear.

CTICTI by Ossur- This knee brace offers stability and protection for the knee joint. This hinged knee brace features breathable liners to reduce friction and increase comfort. This brace comes in various sizes for a better fit for the wearer.


Stance control from OttobockStance Control from Otto Bock- Lightweight and sturdy, the Stance Control knee brace offers bracing from the foot to above the knee. By reacting to the leg’s movement, this brace locks and releases the knee joint as the wearer moves.

Bioness for foot dropBioness- Individuals living with foot drop will enjoy better movement with this lightweight and easy to wear device. Programmed and painless electrical shocks activate the nerves and muscles that make the foot respond and provide a more natural gate.


Prosthetic Services

Custom Made Prosthetics and Artificial Limbs

Prosthetic Services

What is a prosthetic?

A prosthetic (or prostheses) is often referred to as an artificial limb that is applied to the body to replace something that has been lost through accident or disease, or was missing at birth. JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab provides preparatory and definitive prostheses for both above –the-knee prosthetics, below-the-knee prosthetics and all levels of amputation. These prosthetic devices are designed to match the functional goals and needs of each patient to improve the quality of their lives.

JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab specializes in the following prosthetics services:

EMS SocketEMS Socket - The EMS Socket offers better accommodation of changes in the shape of the residual leg that occur when the wearers leg is being flexed and extended. The EMS Socket uses multi-surfacing technology and design to increase the surface area of the inner socket.

DynamicArm by OttobockDynamic Arm - The DynamicArm is a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm with an electronically controlled elbow joint that allows the user more natural movement of the arm and a greater independence. The elbow joint of the DynamicArm is controlled by myoelectric signals that respond better and allow the wearer more natural movements of the elbow, wrist and hand.

Genium X3Genium / X3- The Genium prosthetic leg features a microprocessor that allows the wearer to have the most natural walk and movement possible. Wearers will enjoy easier movement and more freedom than ever before.

Felix Prosthetic HipHelix - The Helix is a prosthetic hip that offers the wearer a more natural walk and three-dimensional pelvic rotation by using the latest technology. The wearer will enjoy smoother steps, better toe clearance and better leg extension than they would with a traditional hinged hip prosthetic.


Plié 2.0 MPC KneePlié - The Plié 2.0 has a microprocessor controlled knee offering incredibly fast response to movement. The microprocessor controlled spool valve in this prosthetic knee reacts to changes in surfaces and heights more quickly giving the user a better and more natural walk.

Kinterra Foot/Ankle SystemKinterra – Is the latest in foot/ankle prosthetics. The Kinterrra offers the wearer a more normal gate and more stability of different surfaces by combining hydraulics and carbon fiber technology.

Rush FootRush Foot – Combining the best technology available, this prosthetic foot is flexible, strong and amazingly lightweight for the users’ wear and comfort. The Rush Foot is customizable for a more personalized fit.

Pedorthic Services

Pedorthic Devices and Foot Care

Pedorthic Services

What is a pedorthic?

A pedorthic is any device that is created to treat a wide array of possible foot-related problems including congenital (at birth) deformity, improper walking/gait and/or partial foot amputations due to trauma or illness. The main goal of a pedorthist (the person trained to diagnose and create a pedorthic device) is to improve function and reduce pain.

Pedorthists are trained in the biomechanics of the foot and ankle and use that knowledge to build shoes and appliances that alleviate pain and improve function.


If you need orthotic, prosthetic or pedorthic services, please contact JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab today. We have 6 locations in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri to serve you.