Regional Operations Director

Position: Northeast Regional Operations Director

Position Type: Salaried – Exempt Status

Reports To: Chief Operations Officer

Primary Description and Duties:

The Regional Operations Director a management position that will require the direct provision of patient care as needed.  This position is created in order to ensure consistent clinical and operational excellence in the organization.  The Regional OD will be responsible for implementing and reporting on the operational initiatives at several clinics within a region, as established by the Owner, CEO, and the Chief Operations Officer. Additionally, the Regional OD will be responsible for the oversight and performance of the staff and daily operations at several clinics within a specified region and work with other key leadership positions within the organization as appropriate and necessary.   These coordination efforts involve, but are not limited to the following key areas:

•Clinical Expectations

There is an expectation to see patients;

•3 days in practice, 2 days managerial with autonomy to dictate flow and schedule (minimum 50% clinical practice expectations);

•Revenue target expectations account for leadership tasks;

•Instruction and improvement of team members;

• Establishing the standard and pace of care;

• Quality of Care

•Oversight of key quality events and metrics at the clinics within the region;

• Coordinates and ensures that patient satisfaction activities are consistently being applied at each location within the region;

• Facilitates resolution of patient satisfaction issues at each clinic within the region;

• Participates in corporate quality meetings.

• Facilitate, coordinate, and provide training and development opportunities for JP&O practitioners, technicians and staff, and members of the referral community (including physicians, therapists, and case managers).

• Visits each facility within the region on a monthly basis (at a minimum).

• Compliance

• Ensures that each clinic within the region adheres to applicable federal, state, and industry regulatory standards (i.e. ABC).

• Maintains a working knowledge of key regulatory standards as necessary.

• Immediately reports any incidents of compliance to the organization’s Compliance Officer and the Chief Operations Officer.

• Develop and implement systems to ensure quality and compliance in the documentation related to the provision of our services.

• Interface with payer and referral community to educate on the value of good communication, value added services, and compliance requirements.

• Performance

• Reviews and reports on operational dashboards for clinics and employees within the region on a weekly basis;

• Facilitates the implementation of new and/or revised clinical protocols, methods, and procedures as directed by CEO or Chief Operations Officer and/or designees of the Chief Operations Officer;

• This will include implementing internal systems which enhance the quality of our practitioner’s documentation.

• Develops and/or participates in the development plans for staff as necessary and/or requested.  On both a correctional and strategic growth basis.

• Provides a monthly report to Chief Operations Officer on the region and/or clinic specific to the areas of quality, compliance, and finance.

• Personnel

• Assists in the interviewing, hiring, and on‐boarding process as requested;

• Must be willing to participate in the NCOPE accredited residency program – Mentor level at minimum

• Provides direct supervision, as necessary, to Senior Practitioner within the region;

• Provides an annual performance appraisal to Clinic Leads, as well as facilitates and insures that annual performance appraisals are completed timely to all clinic staff within region.

• Facilitates a weekly staff meeting at each clinic within region and reports results to the Chief Operations Officer.

• Regional Oversight

• This position will oversee all clinical patient‐care related activities in a designated region including clinical, technical/fabrication, and materials management functions.

• Participation in talent recruitment will be a responsibility of the Regional OD

• Participating in marketing efforts and coordinating these efforts with marketing strategists, consultants, and staff will be necessary.

• Regional oversight includes responsibility for or involvement in the performance assessment and any corrective or disciplinary actions required for the management of his or her teams.

• It will generally be necessary for CEO or COO to be consulted prior to delivery of significant disciplinary actions or termination.

• President/CEO/COO is responsible for final compensation‐related determinations, but will rely on significant input from Regional OD.

• Confidentiality

• The Regional Operations Director will have access to significant organizational information which is confidential, sensitive, and proprietary in nature.

• Candidate must understand it is necessary to have high level information in order to effectively fulfill management responsibilities. A full NDA understanding and signature will be required.

• It will be the responsibility of the Regional OD to maintain strict confidentiality of all such information.
The Northeast Regional Operations Director will work closely with the President & CEO, COO, Director of Administration, Director or Prosthetic Services and Compliance, Marketing, & Director of Finance, other executive operational body in order to maximize organizational excellence, effectiveness, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and profitability.